Lash Extensions: Frequently Asked Questions

Good evening Lash Lovers!  This blog is going to address the most frequent questions that we get after price and our availability! 


If you have any more questions please email them to me and we can add them to this list for others! 

We have already addressed what the difference between Classic and Volume LASH 

How long do they last? 

Lash fills are needed every 2-3 weeks.  4 weeks and after is considered a full set.  Our lash glue lasts longer than 2-3 weeks but the natural lash cycle lasts approximately 28 days (4 weeks) so essentially a few cycles or rows of hair growth should have been shed and a  fill should be needed. 

How do I take care of them?  It depends on where you get them done but at our shop we have our clients wait 24 hours after their service and then begin cleansing and combing a few times a day.  Cleanse with the cleanser we give them, that is made from a no tears baby shampoo and distilled water, at least twice daily keeps oils off of your lashes, as oil is lash glue's #1 nemesis.  Combing them after helps to keep them from becoming entwined and removes any crazy lashes that might be growing out. 
Can I wear eye make up? 

Yes!  Though time has shown that those who don't wear makeup or don't wear it often have longer lasting lashes.  Make up often has oil in it, even when it says it's not water proof.  Oil breaks down glue, causing the lash glue to degrade faster.  We have recommended ccake liner in the past, though it can be hard to come by. I often use dark black or brown shadow with a liner brush and use that to line my eyes. 

Can I wear contacts? 

Yes, though please don't wear them to your lash appointment.  We want to be able to flush the eyes if a medical emergency happened.  Glue could potentially get in between the lends and the eye and become an issue. 

I want long! How long can you go on me? Why? 

We have as long as 15mm however we don't reccomend it for everyone.  We recommend using a maximum of 2 mm longer than your longest lash.  If you go too long it will weigh too much and can cause premature fall out.  Diameter is important to take into consideration also.  Sometimes we might be able to go longer if we go thinner, sometimes. We just always need to take your lash health into consideration. 

Will they damage my existing natural lashes? 

NO, not the way we do them.  The key to not damaging the natural lashes is taking the time to isolate each natural lash before applying an extension and then taking the time to seperate them at the end of the application.  Then if our client keeps away from oils (and hot water the first 24 hours) then the glue should stay in tact and if the client doesn't rub then your natural ones should stay in tact.  Even if lashes are done perfectly, if you don't take good care of them at home then they won't last as long as they could. 


LET YOUR ARTIST KNOW OF ANY ALLERGIES.  Are you allergic to acrylics or adhesives of any kind?  If you are, you are at a higher risk to have a reaction to our glue.  Please communicate this to the artist working on you.  You can contact us directly or book online to schedule a patch test 48 hours prior to your procedure if you are concerned.    
SHOWER BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT.  We will be asking you to not shower or get your lashes wet for 24 hours after your appointment.   
NO WATERPROOF MAKE UP, EVER.  Please, do not ever use waterproof make up or an oil based make up remover. Instead, we recommend you use dark shadow and a liner brush as eyeliner or even cake liner.  Waterproof eye make up requires an oil based make up remover to get it off and we asked that you ONLY USE AN OIL FREE MAKE UP REMOVER.   
COME IN BARE.  To save time during your appointment and maximize the time we have set aside for you, please come in with clean lashes. That means no eye make up on and if you can, clean with lash cleanser and water right before.    
STAY BARE.  Some people get their lashes done the day of a special event.  We understand that sometimes planning ahead is not possible, but this should be avoided whenever possible.  Make up usually has some type of oil in it and allowing it to sit on your lashes during the crucial first 24 hours can cause an issue with the lash glue's curing process and the longevity of your lash extension set.   



After the first 24 hours has passed: wash your lashes using water and your lash cleanser every morning and night.   
Comb through them after each cleanse and feel free to comb, with care, throughout the day.     
Be aware of open flame and extreme heat around your lashes, open flame and high heat can shrivel them.    
Wash them after you work out, wear make up, and in the morning and evening.    
Stay away from mascara if you have volume lashes on!!!   
Use an oil free make up remover.    



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