Lash Extensions

Featured Artists:

Classic (one extension to one natural lash as seen in picture below)

Full Sets  $175

Fills: $75

Master Lash Artists:

Classic (one extension to one natural lash)

Full Sets $209

Fills: $90

Volume (2-16 lash extensions to one natural lash)

Full Sets: $299

Fills: $114



Keratin Lash Lifts

Your own lashes, just curled and lifted.  Won't fall until your lashes have grown out naturally 8-12 weeks

$150 (Includes color enhancement)

Please do not wear waterproof mascara for 3-5 days prior to your appointment, otherwise results cannot be guaranteed. 

If possible, please avoid curling your lashes for 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Brow Henna

Brow Henna- or longest lasting color treatment for your brows. Can last on the skin up to 14 days under the right conditions.


Clinical Botanical Facials

We use the most cutting age, clinically proven botanical skincare line for our state of the art facials.  Get results without the becoming sensitized or irritated.  We proudly use IS Clinical Skincare.  For more information on IS Clinical check out our Products page.

Fire and Ice Anti-aging 45 min Facial 


Fire and Ice Anti-aging Hour Facial 


Acne Facial  


Ultimate Hydration Facial 


Quickie Lunch Time 45 Min Facial  


Microblading/ Permanent MakeUp

Featured Artist Erin Drozd:  

Initial Appointment: $299  

Touch Ups: $175  

$100 non-refundable deposit required at time of booking initial appointment. 


Microblading/ Permanent Makeup Artist Malori Ross: 

Initial Appointment: starting at $399 *

Touch Ups: starting at $175  *


*Permanent makeup is a higher price 

-first touch up needed 6-8 weeks after initial appointment.

-Annual touch up needed to maintain color and shape. 


Organic Hair Removal

Organic Sugaring

Organic Paste  made from just Lemon, Sugar, and Water.  Causes way less inflammation and gives longer lasting results by one to two weeks than traditional wax!

Brows $30

Lip $18

Full Face $68

Brazilian $78

Body Sugaring $30-$144



No Chemicals, no ingredients, just silk or cotton thread removing the hair

Brows $18

Lip $10

Full Face $45